Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

I hadn’t seen that title yet (though, right after typing that comment, I watched a video that listed them). I’m hyped.

How has this topic not gotten any posts in the last 3 years


Surprised this topic was last utilized by me.

Also, I watched this movie last night and I’m officially never watching another Marvel movie. I will henceforth be subscribing permanently to the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

Okay, I actually had a really good time watching this movie, but I’m pretty sure my sanity dropped by a few levels during it. Sonic would never hurt me.


that bad?

happy birthday btw.

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Thanks! Nah, it was pretty good, just… It really was appropriately named.

In more ways than one: “Multiverse of Madness” shortens to “MoM.”

Also, the villain is INCREDIBLE

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oh no

something something

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It’s funny you say that; my brother said that if this movie doesn’t meet his expectations he’ll never watch a marvel movie again. He’s been disappointed by a lot of them.

Anyway I’m looking forward to eventually seeing the film. The first Dr. Strange was one of my favorites from the MCU

You’re telling me It’s Other M all over again?


why did you unspoil it

Because quotes are dumb.