Does Anybody Remember The Dark Crystal?

So, when I was 3 my mom showed me “The Dark Crystal” by Jim Henson.
It came in a long, thin VHS box with amazing art. And when I watched that movie, my imagination was instantly ignited.
The visuals, the music, the characters…it was really fun to watch. It was part of my childhood nostalgia.
However, whenever I ask people “Hey, did you ever watch The Dark Crystal? That was a great movie”, they usually respond with “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
So , i’m asking all of you instead. Have you seen The Dark Crystal, and what do you think about the movie?
(Here is a trailer, for reference:)


I try not to


I watched it

It was some corny 80’s movie and not the good cartons like He-Man, G.I. Joe and Transformers G1, it was more like Labyrinth

I used to be scared of this movie as a kid because of a bird thing, but I remember enjoying it

Oh, you mean this?

Yeah, it scared the Hell out of me too.

yep it was that

I watched the Odd1sout’s review once with my brother. Yeah, I can see why all the kids that watched it were scared of it. However, it really impressed me. It had so much potential and it seemed that the comics were actually doing a good job expanding the universe. However, the movie definitely tried to bite more than it could chew.

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I love this movie! It’s one of my childhood favorites. Up there with Ghost Busters, Goonies, and Labyrinth.

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it’s glorious

I started to watch it as a kid. Probably wouldn’t mind having the chance to watch it again



Ah I new I had heard that title somewhere! Never saw the original.

They kept the puppets? That’s awesome!

Absolutely love the original and I cant wait for the Netflix show.

Oh my god this looks amazing! I can’t wait!

Very good movie, and the third member of the Trifecta of wierd puppet movies, along with the Labyrinth and A Neverending Story.

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