Does anyone else miss Heroica?

Over time, i have though about the Sub-LEGO Board Game line, Heroica, which in a way is the closest one can get to a LEGO RPG (that is not a computer game).

many times i have been thinking on getting the game sets, and what i liked about Heroica was because it allowed one to link the different game sets together to build a larger and more epic adventure, so sad to see it be canceld.

whats more sad is that Bionicle G2 resived almost a similar fate like Heroica, but Heroica’s ending was worse because it did not resive a proper ending, not even a rushed one, we got one last set that told a story, then were told about the true antagonist and his plans, but we never saw him or any of the other relics ever again, the hole theme just stopped and ended with the heroes stating that they had to now go and find the last relics.

but what do you guys and gals think? do you too miss Heroica?

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That should be “DoES anyone else miss Heroica.”

Yeah, I remember this theme. Didn’t get any of the sets, but I have a friend who got some and they are pretty cool. The second wave set was kinda bleh, though. The figures are definitely what I miss most. I mean, think of what you could do with tons and tons of printed microfigs… it would be a new and interesting scale to build on.

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Heroica was cool in concept, but in execution, it left a lot to be desired.

Now don’t get me wrong; The boards were cool and the microfigs were awesome. I just felt like the game itself was a little too simple and generic.

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you have a point, but what i liked was the style of “you can have one small adventure with one set, or if you have all the sets, you can build a one epic journey”

it really does make me wish that LEGO had a bit more faith into this, because Heroica is a really good idea for a LEGO board game.

I miss it some. It wasn’t the greatest game, but it was fun to mess around with and reconfigure.
This guy here has some modifications and additions for the system which I’ve found to be pretty cool:

To paraphrase someone who I forget the name of, “To know Heroic is to love Heroica is to know Heroica.”
I really miss Heroica. The Lego games line was just filled with wasted potential and cancelled sets. The story might’ve been basic, but the comics that came with the sets were really enjoyable.

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Yup, I miss Heroica. Really wished it was able to finish its run. So wanted to have the rest of the location to have a massive board.

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To this day I kick myself for not getting any sets. And we still don’t know who the big bad is!



They were pretty awesome, however, I never had one for myself.

It was an excellently executed line, however.

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I got a huge poster for this in Lego Magazine. I haven’t used it yet of course.

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I actually do miss heroica. I wish I had more sets, because I like using microfigures every once in a while.

Oh my gosh, Heroica…

I love that Lego game so much, I have all five of them (not the polybag unfortunately though), with the limited edition cube box thingy (this):

I’m a little sad that the big bad guy was never revealed, and that we never got the final set.


Oh I got the two medium sets and my buddy got the large one. They were actually a lot of fun.

I only got two of them before it was discontinued. I do miss it.

This should be a TTV gamenight.

If only.

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