Does anyone have a model for this part?

Does anyone have a model for this?

BrickLink - Gear 6993 : LEGO Inika Toa Kongu Nestle #5 [Toy, Fast Food:Bionicle] - BrickLink Reference Catalog

Are you looking for one specific part, or all three of them for the entire model?

Just the one shown.

EDIT: just the kongu figure is needed, i dont need all three

I want to know why you need a model for a tie in not-buildable-thing

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It has a few pin holes, and they seem to be in-system:


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huh, I stand corrected.

Still, Iā€™m curious what you intend to do with it.

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I intend to modify it in partdesigner so it can fire standard rhotukas.
(i also love promos.)

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