Does Anyone Know Any Bricklink Shop(s) For Colored Toa Mata Masks?

Yes I am wondering if anyone has a bricklink store where people have a good briclink store where they sell many colored Bionicle 2001 Mata masks


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I recently found these shops:


THANK YOU so much! You deserve a shoutout in my New episode of Bricklink orders in my YouTube channel Das101ful thx once again

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From what I have found, sellers in Germany, Denmark and France tend to have a TON of 01 masks.

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Yea thats what I did in the summer

If it's alright to toss out a wild guess, that's because G1 launched earlier over there. Plus, there are a lot more small mom-and-pop toy shops; thus, more resellers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if you're still over there looking, but I'd recommend buying random lots of used Bonkle to sift through if I were you.