Does anyone know how to fix a bent Piraka spine?

I received Zaktan today in the mail to find the upper part of his spine a little bent

Is there any method out there I could use to fix this issue?


You could try warming it up, then bracing it in the position you want. Maybe even stick it in the freezer after that for a few hours. I’ve never done that, but it’s plastic, so it seems logical. Don’t melt your spine, tho.


boiling it in hot water or what NCV said will allow you to fix it

I should probably fix my piraka spine too…

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I looked at it for a second, and went “what bent spine? looks all right to me… wait” because my zaktan is exactly the same.

Be very careful when heating plastic. Allow it cool down in room temperature. If you put it straight into cold water you will make the plastic very brittle. Good luck, hope you get it to look the way you want.


I use a hair-dryer to warm it, then bend it back into shape, and hold it until it stays. Don’t put it into cold water or a freezer afterwards. Also, I wouldn’t recommend putting it in boiling water.


I normally just find a way to keep the piece in a straight position, have something to hold it straight for a while and keep it like that for a day or two and then it’ll be fixed without worrying about stress or the effects the heating method can cause if used incorrectly.

I just bend mine the other way :grinning: … I bet you can tell, based on the previous comments…
there are two types of people in this world

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Zaktan spine that hasn’t been like this. Let me know if any of the suggested remedies works.

Whether or not this is what all zaktan spines are like, this portion of his spine appears slightly contorted

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Run it under some hot water.

My Zaktan’s exactly the same. I’m pretty sure it’s a mold defect