Does Anyone know how to use GIMP?

I literally started using Gimp yesterday and I barely know how it works.

Is anyone an expert on Gimp or at least knows a decent amount about it?

I'm fairly good with it, what do you need to know?

I need to know how to add glowing eye effects, add brightness in particular places as well as shadows, I also need to know how to cut multiple sections out of a picture instead of having one huge strand.

I did and this pretty much speak to itself.

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Okay I'll try and go over this comprehensively, I feel like I should do videos on this! :smile:

Here's my process:
- Using the Lasso tool (looks like a lasso), select both the eyes (you can make more than one selection by holding Shift).
- Pick a base color you want for the eyes and color them in.
- Use the Smudge tool (the little finger icon) to soften out the edges.
- Using the eye color, select a really light, almost white version of that color. Paint a highlight in the middle of the eye using that color on a low opacity and blend it in using the Smudge tool.
- Make a new layer by right clicking on the Layers window and selecting "New Layer". Name it whatever you want.
- On that layer, make your brush size bigger than the eyes themselves, or however big you want the glow radius to be. Select your original eye color and using a low opacity make a small sort of circle around both eyes.
- Repeat the same process with white as your color on even lower opacity.
- Blend using the Smudge tool if you wish.
- If the character has a mask or something blocking the eye light, use the Lasso tool to cut out where the light wouldn't radiate.

That should get you a nice looking glowing eye effect like this:

Here's what I would do:
- With the Brush tool, change to mode to Overlay.This way you can paint on the subject without going outside its borders.
- To add shadows, use black and paint over the places you want the shadows to be. If you want them lighter or darker, change the opacity.
- To add highlights, use white and do the same.

A lot simpler, eh?

I'm not too sure what this means, but I'll give it a shot. The simplest way to have multiple selections is to use the Lasso tool and hold Shift for more than one selection! Otherwise, you can just make many single selections to cut out multiple parts of an image!

Hope it helped!


Thank you so much, this helped a lot!

I haven't used gimp in over a year but I used to be fair at it.