Does anyone know of any good Transformers Discord servers?

I just got back from day 1.5 of TFCon and realized I’m not on any Transformers Discord servers. Any suggestions?
(Don’t link them. Maybe just tell me where to go to find em’.)

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Edited title to be gramatically correct

I know of some really horrible ones, does that count?


i’m on masterpiece i’m sure i’ll be fine

in case double and or any other masterpiece members see this post, this is legally a joke
y’all are a bit vulgar though

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I found a few by searching “Transformers Discord” into google. I don’t know if they’re good or not, though.

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The Kumquats.

oh yeah, i remember that youtube channel
i’ll need to check it out

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TFwiki has a Discord. Don’t know if it’s good or not since I don’t do Discord tho :stuck_out_tongue:

ooh, will need to look into that

Yeah you can come there , we used to have Saturday stream nights where we watched obscure Transformers media, like Transformers Zone, cursed Headmasters dub and of course

Transformers Go