Does anyone want to buy my Chima stuff? (croc swamp hideout, claw ripper, army)

Hello there, I'm looking to sell my remaining Legends of Chima collection in one lot if anyone's interested. At this point it would take too much time/effort to complete the sets I own, so I figured it might be possible to sell them on a 'what you see is what you get' basis.

As you can see, it's essentially the Croc Swamp hideout, Crawley's Claw Ripper, and 31 minifigs(5 of which are duplicates). There are additionally three speedorz and a single ripcord.

I'm looking to get about $65 USD for the whole lot

That said, if you're interested in buying a specific part of it for a discount or can't quite make 65 for whatever reason, I'm willing to negotiate.

As for payment and shipping, I'm thinking we'll use Ebay to make it a more secure transfer for both parties.

If you're interested, please post here or shoot me a DM. Thanks for looking!


Only 65 USD for all that's shown (Croc Swamp Hideout, minifigures, etc.)? Although that's not including shipping and such, that's a pretty low price.

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It is, and that's part of my selling point.

I really just want these off my hands. They've been sitting in my closet for probably two years now, and honestly that just strikes me as a waste of good lego.

Plus, I don't really mind the thought of someone buying this lot to sell each figure for more individually; I just don't personally have the time or patience to do that right now. So I think it's better for them to actually go back into circulation instead of just gathering dust.

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Fair points, I can definitely see your perspective with my own little Chima dust-collecting corner.

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