Does Bionicle Gen2 have the potiential to become Bionicle Gen1's replacement?

So what is your opinion on the new Bionicle can it live up to the nostalgia and epic story of the first Bionicle run? Or is it just a decent looking flop that was geared to make a quick buck? You decide.

I choose A. It’s only the first year, and I’m already sold! Also, [quote] It’s only the first year [/quote] so it has a lot more room for improvement.


I definitely prefer G1, but it’s only been a year, and I do really love G2.


in terms of sets, G2 has already surpassed G1.

in terms of story, too early to say,
but while a lot of people say it started weak, I don’t think it’s worse than 01.


I feel like story needs to be kicked into high gear, but yes.

Of course it has the potential. It just has to really believe in itself.

Gen2 is following Gen1’s footsteps in a lot of ways.

-Uses a previous building system to create astounding new sets with more personality.
-The story is being introduced with animations (kinda like MNOG but kind of not) and stuff online about characters.
-The sets have had mostly positive reviews.
-In terms of story, we have the Toa’s arrival, the retrieval of the masks, and entering a sacred place where the Toa go to stop Makuta’s forces.

Not to mention the sets are pretty great in themselves and Lego seems to finally take this line seriously, especially with adding books and listening to suggestions. Better than Hero Factory.


To me, nothin’s replacin’ nothin’. This is just BIONICLE: Year 11. (Hmmm… What would we name this year? Quest to the Ancient City? Awakening of Ekimu? Heroes from another World?)


Replace it? Never! Honor it? Definitely.

In my opinion, Bionicle’s great success came from it’s story. I like the Gen 2 sets, but I don’t think it’s story is as enthralling or engaging as Gen1, at least not yet.

It’ll never be a replacement for me, as I’m not 5-10 years old and making fond childhood memories of adventuring with my Toa throughout the city streets of Boston on mild summer days. I imagine it’s about the same for everyone that actually lived with some sense of conscious thought during most of G1. I’m hoping that G2 lives up to, and surpasses most of our expectations for it, but to call it a replacement for G1 is a mistake. I’m not geewunning either; it could end up being much better than G1 objectively, but it won’t ever be a “replacement.”

Neither, why should we even be asking this question? To some, it may end up being their Bionicle. But to Many G1 will always be their Bionicle and nothing will ever replace it. Does a remaster or reboot ever truly replace the original in the hearts of most fans?

Seems a little early to judge, however here are basic thoughts;

Yes, G2 is meant to be a replacement for Bionicle and Hero Factory. It is supposed to be a line that fans of those themes would move onto liking. In my opinion the first year it had a lot of things where it stumbled - it succeeded in getting itself out their however it didn’t really offer much in the way of making it its own thing.

I should probably explain that by ‘replace’ i don’t mean completely erase the original or actually take its place, i mean to be something that can fill the slot per say. The same way that Nexo Knights fills the Castle slot.

2016 seems to do this slightly better in the idea of finding a stylistic choice that appears to at least be between Hero Factory and Bionicle which while not differentiating it completely does actually give it its own feel - which is something i feel the line really needs to succeed.

The inclusion of a potential expansion in forms of media seems to show they definitely want the line to do well, similar to their hopes for Ninjago and Chima. It just depends whether enough new fans take to the line each year.

Though as long as they listen to the suggestions and critiques from fans then the line should continue to improve.