Does Cryoshell copyright strike youtube videos?

has anyone used a cryoshell song in a youtube video. I’d like to use gravity hurts for a video but don’t want to get a strike.

I did once used one of their as a ended in one of my videos on a strike so I put a different song in the other video that I used.


ah thx

The greatest issue is usually the amount of content or importance of the amount of content from the original source that you’re thinking of using. If it’s the chorus, or the entire song, then I wouldn’t. That’s why I use a ten-second clip from “Kumo Rocks” as an outro on my videos on YouTube, and I’m pretty sure that I’m in the clear. Hope that helps.


The unnecessary apostrophe in the title is hurting my eyes.

Also, I think you can only have it in the video for 20 seconds.

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i can see clearly now



Is the rain gone?

Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They can and they should. No confirmation if they will.