does lariska have digitigrade legs?

so, does lariska have digitigrade legs?
asking so the age-old question can finally be put to rest.
so if anyone has a greg archive answer or
something else please let me know.

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If lariska doesn’t have a canon appearance how can we assume she has/doesn’t have digitgrade legs?


good point, good point.

Isn’t the assumption that she is most likely a Vortix? If she is and Roodaka doesent then neither should Lariska.
The question of course comes down to if she isn’t Vortix.

lariska be not a vortixx.


Greg has made it clear that she is not a Vortixx:


Thank you folks for emphasizing she is not a Vortixx, the last thing I for one would want is a Vortixx look alike seeing as in the context of Birth of a Dark Hunter, there is no comparisons drawn between them and if anything Roodaka is described by Nidhiki as strange looking.

But yeah she might have digitigrade legs, although I would suspect nothing to out there seeing as Nidhiki (Greg’s lens in the story) surely would have mentioned anything really stand out.


her legs shape will probably be decided next year.


Maybe Lariska looks somewhat like a Toa, but with a different-looking face? Because in Legacy of Evil p. 67, Hakann had a line about how, if Lariska switched sides to join the Toa, “she’d look lousy in a mask”- why would she start wearing a mask unless she was planning to match the other Toa in appearance? Also, on Bioniclesector01, it says she’s the size of a Toa.

And there is some leeway even within the range of appearances for Toa, let alone slightly outside of that range. For example, Nuparu Mahri has the two-toed Piraka feet.

i mean you also have to consider the matoran of voya nui thought the piraka were toa at first. there do be a lot of wiggle room

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tbf they hadn’t seen a Toa in years, and they did find their appearances strange

By your moc, that is :laughing:


Honestly can’t wait to see the canon version of her. So are we thinking that she might be something like a mix between a Toa and a more beast like species?