Does the Toa Canister have the ability to pass through the inner walls of GSR?


Hello everyone.

  • Toa Nuva went to Voya Nui (outside GSR) by Canister from Metru Nui (inside GSR).

  • Matorans (later Toa Inika) went to Voya Nui by Canister from Karzahni (probably inside GSR?).

  • Toa Mata was asleep in Codrex (inside GSR) in the past, and Canister they rode were later ejected to Mata Nui island (outside GSR).

From the above, I have a question that the Canister may have the function of carrying the Toa through the inner wall of GSR to the place outside.
Is there a canon that can answer this question?
Or should I throw this as a question to Greg?

(I’m Japanese, so I’m sorry I haven’t read an English novel.
Therefore, this question is based on the BS01 synopsis and may be incorrect, but please forgive me)


Yes, they can pass through walls.

From Legends 2: Dark Destiny:

“Jaller hit the largest switch on the controls. He felt the cylinder surge forward, even as he could just barely hear the other craft moving as well. Although he had no way of knowing it, the cylinder was already boring through rock as smoothly as if it were passing through still water. In a matter of seconds, the realm of Karzahni had been left behind.”

I would take this to mean that the Canisters can dig through rock, but Greg says that they do it by turning intangible. He has also been inconsistent as to whether or not they can actually dig:

The important thing is that, one way or another, the Toa Canisters can pass through the inner walls of the robot.

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Thank you so much !

Greg had already mentioned the ability of Canister to pass through the inner walls of GSR.
I support the possibility that Canister is “intangible”.
(If it is physically digging a hole, GSR will be full of holes with each move)

I always thought that the Great Spirit Robot had ports for those or something. The design of the GSR is a topic I’d like to know more about.


Thank you for reply !

Greg said Canister can be a “intangible”. I think this is very interesting as a technology in the Matoran Universe.

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