Does the Trans-Mask of Fire go well with most color-schemes?

Since we haven’t officially gotten any normal clear pieces yet for CCBS (to my knowledge), would the Trans-Tahu mask from the NYCC go well with most colors? Specifically trans-light blue, trans-dark blue, and silver armor pieces?

The reason I’m asking is 'cause I’m planning on making a moc with those main colors obviously, which entails buying duplicate PoW/PoI as p-p-p-p-p-p-parts p-p-p-p-packs.

I would imagine, that if you had a mostly white and/or transparent MOC, it could work quite well. However, as I have not yet tried to make a MOC for that mask yet, I don’t really know. It might not look good with any color scheme…

Yeah, I was thinking a 90% white MOC would probably look the best with mask, but with the lack of plain clear pieces, It’ll stand out quite a bit. Though, regular transparent Lego bricks might be a good solution.

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I remember a MOC wearing a trans-white Kaukau by @Chro .
It’s called Vengael, so you might use it as inspiration. You will find it on MOCpages.

I have the mask and I have to say that it doesn’t go well will almost anything.

Good. 'Cause I just put in a huge Brinklink order of a multitude of unique, clear pieces.

Especially GITD parts.

I think It would look good with white

Find a story excuse to justify it being a totally different color than the rest of the MOC and you’ll be set.

It’s either that or integrating trans white system bits into the MOC, which is a really hard thing to do.

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Well, you don’t need to do that. What’s wrong with color contrast for the sake of color contrast? And what’s wrong with a MOC feature that doesn’t have a story explanation? :stuck_out_tongue:


It shouldn’t be too hard–I ordered a bunch of clear/clear glow-in-the-dark Bohrok eyes, and I already have tons of clear tiles and studs. I just wish there was a good variety of major regular clear armor/limbs I can use. (other clear colors isn’t out just yet)

My existence.

Which will include terming it as a flaw.

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Exactly. check out the mask on my self-MOC Orrel. he has a black mask, yet a white/mata red body, and he looks fine.

And black parts all over his internal structure. Not a good example of the point you’re trying to prove.

yeah, I know. It was just the best example I could think of. but yeah, random color contrast can be a good thing if done well. Another example of mine would be a guy that I never got around to posting. He is almost completely silver, except he has two Berix helmets as shoulderpads. He currently has no other blue on him, and he has my favorite colors out of all my MOCs.

i think it will especilly with tahu but heres a picture i got from google images but its ttvs picture ignore the bottom only the top i want to get the polybag from bricklink because i think its only relesed in europe

That isn’t TTV’s picture. It was taken by @DeeVee.
Right now, the polybag is only out in Europe, but it will be available in North America starting March 1st, as far as I’m aware.
Also, this topic is about the transparent (“clear white”) mask, not the trans orange one. :wink:


im sorry but i think the clear white “hau” would go with anything but blue and green of darker shades but i wish i had one to make a real ice toa

Y’know, now that you mention it, a MOC with a color scheme of dark blue/lime/trans (clear) would look awesome.

yeah but not darker shades of it like hahli in 2007 bright lime ans dark blue is not my favorite

That’s exactly the color scheme I was describing. But you’re welcome to your opinion on it.

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