Does Toa Energy follow the Law of Conservation of Energy?

So Toa Lhikan was able to transfer his Toa Energy into six Matoran that would become Toa themselves. Assuming each Toa Metru would singularly be as strong as Toa-Dad Lhikan, how is the increase of overall energy explained as to where it doesn’t conflict with the Law of Conservation of Energy? I apologize in advance, I am an Engineer. Law of Conservation


It probably isn’t. Bionicle doesn’t follow Earth physics:


Matoran who destiny to be Toa, have potential power in their bodies, and Toa Stone is the kind of key to liberating power.


Bionicle does have rules but they do not follow earth/our universe physics. There is a rule that one toa can create six toa and they transform into turaga after the stones activate. Also these six can create other six toa no problem.

Also it has been stated toa can run out of elemental and mask energy and they must waith for recharge. What and how they recharge has not been made clear. there are fan theories about sun light, food etc but in the end they are fictional powers that didn’t need in depth explanations for the story to work.

So the question then is, why Tuyet was being so inefficient with harvesting Toa Energy lol.

From what we have seen in story the answer is no. Also Greg said multiple times world of Bionicle does not follow our laws.
You can think of Toa Power in Toa Stones as a stimulant awakening an already existing potential within destined Matoran.
Toa Metru were “inocculated” with a portion of Lhikan’s power, which then caused their potential to grow into its full form - like a yogurt microbiome in milk.

Obviously this does not circumvent the conservation of energy, but that is where the unequal laws come into play.

I don’t think anything in BIONICLE follows the Law of Conservation of Energy (or Mass, for that matter). However, Matoran who are destined to be Toa already possess some Toa Energy inside them. As others have said, Lhikan’s Toa Energy simply activated their potential.