Dog adventure- sign up RP

Sign up here for the dog adventure RP.
Choose a dog. You need to say what is his personality and how he looks.
Show an image
This is mine. he is Nate. He likes to eat much and he likes to play very much.He is very young

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This needs to be in RPG discussion btw

So what’s the story to this?

You need to sign un first

Well what’s the basic idea of it?

I wanted to make an RP, but I doesn’t get popular, so I think it can be closed

I would @ one of the mods to close it.

Also, editing the title will help.


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Since the mods haven’t closed it yet

This is my dog, I found his image on google, his name is Rick, he is brave, strong fearless and bada*s, he has a tragic and emotional backstory

@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika Well…I just forget all the time to tell mods to close it, but I think I’ll do it now. Sorry, but I think I’ll revive this idea in a better way someday.

@Bioknight close this topic.

Sure thing