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Surprised to not see a thread about this!

This is a super cute VN that got released a month or two ago (i’m probably wrong, but that doesn’t matter) on Steam. It’s also free, so if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should!

I thought the game was +18, +16 atleast

like, 0:41 seconds into the video, I’m pretty sure he is untying her ■■■■■

what? oh i didn’t actually watch it lmao, the game isn’t 18+ tho (or 16+,really)

People recommended it to me

Looks like it has nice waifus

Um. It is… I think?

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My friend told me about this game. He said it was a psychological horror game, although the trailer suggests otherwise? I haven’t played it.

No way, your friend must’ve been just pulling a prank on you. You should totally play it, tho!

The trailer says not suitable for children or people easily disturbed, that should tell you


It’s supposed to be a joke. I mean, does this game look scary to you?


sigh I’ve been told otherwise by 4 people

I don’t know what to tell ya, other than to find out for yourself, i guess.

I hate virtual novels
fite me m8

I don’t really either (this one changed my mind tho), but whatever floats your boat

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It’s definitely a psychological horror game. Just look at some of the let’s plays on YouTube.

Aw, you guys are no fun.

Play it anyways.

why have you done this
this is not okay
you need to go and repent for your crimes


i don’t know what you mean lol

You made a topic for this
Why must you do this to me


I’ve heard about this. I might try it.

Yeah… no, I overheard a bunch of guys in my coding class talk about this game, they then turned to me and tried to tell me I should play it.

They tell the truth, there’s some messed up stuff in there


Sounds like I’ll have to play it then.

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