Hello again! Main inspritaiton for this moc was the piraka foot, i have always thought that it looks like a donkey. More pictures!

NOTE: moc has nothing to do with shrek!
Constructive critisism appreciated!


Now we just need a shr…

Oh, nevermind



Pretty neat moc, the head seems too flat imo.

Where’s his dragon wife…

Cool moc although I don’t think the piece used for the head works

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Good, simple build. I find the piece used for the head to be comical and for that reason I don’t think it should not be changed.

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I love waffles

Could use some more hoof like feet

Gives a rough translation of what it’s suppose to be from the G1 parts usage.

The lack of tail and flat face doesn’t help convey, but I still appreciate this attempt with the limited part usage. :mailbox_with_no_mail: