Don't Starve/Don't Starve Together

So my friend, @Wolfanon_Moonshadow, recently obtained a combo pack of Don’t Starve games, and one of them was a copy of the multiplayer version, which he gave to me.

This got me thinking, are there any other fans of this game? I really like the concept, and look forward to messing around in the game a bit more.

For all of you who are fans, who is your favorite class? I would have to say the arsonist. Having the ability to gain Sanity by standing next to a fire is really powerful :3


I watched a playthrough of it once

It seemed interesting but far too stressful for me :sweat:

Having said that, I think watching that playthrough made me unintentionally name my cat Chester.


It is indeed stressful, for the later gameplay. I haven’t gotten to the wolves, but from the playthrough I watched, they seem practically unstoppable without support from other creatures.

Whose playthrough did you watch, out of curiosity?

The guy, the best guy.


I like slime have watched a play through. But after a while I got bored of it and stopped watching…

I have the game. Have yet to play it.

Got I for free when the ps4 came out, and I do think it is one the best stylized survival games out there, although I haven’t played it in months, I was waiting for the multiplayer version. might have to check it out…

Sips is the best

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(horribly off-topic though)


This is hilarious

oh my gosh wolfanon is actually active

what is this madness

I have both.
I have only really played multiplayer.
Several months ago.
it was fun.
I wanna play it some more.
Would anybody here be willing to to some with me?

Mayhaps! I’d still have to download it onto my good computer again, but it’s definitely not out of this world.

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Well, we’ll see if anything happens.
What’s your steam?

I do believe that it’s submatter

I’m not entire sure, though. I just know that’s the username that shows up for me, but Steam is quirky about usernames.

Well, NUG-NUG just tried to add you…

I’ll check in the morning. For now, slep calls my name, and school awaits.

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It’s okay, I can wait, now you sleep…

I have to admit to my favourites being Wes and Webber just for looks and such but in the actual character I tend to play as its Winston because he’s the most well rounded and he’s the only one with a pre built winter coats and easiest way to get beard hair.

The character I play best as is Wilson. I know what your thinking “rlly wilsin he teh defult charter n00b”. I know I just like his stats and the beard is useful for winter.