Doodle Time! (Submissions closed)

Hey everyone, so starting today, every Friday from 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM, I'll be accepting request that YOU can submit! Think of this like a live drawing Twitch stream but without the live drawing.

Here are the rules:
- Only one submission per user
- Submission must be submitted before 8:00 PM
- Only a handful of submissions will be chosen
- Can be anything: go crazy!
- You can submit an image that I can refer to if you want

P.S. Since this will be posted a bit late, I'll end the submissions on 8:30 PM


What time zone? Cause I want to suggest a drawing of my self moc, but this just went up. And it's 11:00 here. My self moc is my profile pic.

It's almost 11 PM here, but if I can ask-can you draw Soundwave and Blaster having a rap battle?

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Pacific Time


So is my suggestion going through?

Yes it will

Yay! Thank you very much!

I'll sign up

Better say what it is, your the last person.

the Tahtorak as a dragon

So I guess RIP to your other drawing topic?

Not yet, school is making the drawings take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to make. Hopefully I'll post some drawings on Sunday, but don't quote me on that.