DOOM Discussion

Talk about DOOM, from the first DOOM all the way in 1995 to probably one of my most anticipated games of 2016, DOOM (needs to be called DOOM 4 but idk, people need to name game sequels better tbh)




First off, it’s not a sequel, it’s a reboot, and therefore can be called DOOM.

Second off, I am so hyped up for this gorey and action-packed shooter.
I’ve played all the DOOM games
and this one makes me the most excited


I’m absolutely stoked for the new DOOM game! Couldn’t be more excited for all that gory goodness.


Who’s ready to jump at hell’s gate? cheeky maintheme reference
I AM. It looks SICK.

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DOOM 3 was a reboot and it was still called DOOM 3.

But it didn’t have to be called that. I never said they can’t call it DOOM 4, just that can can call it DOOM.

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Paging @Spitfire

Ey! (I didn’t know there was a Doom topic until today, lel)

What’s your favorite Doom monster?, ARCH-VILE FTW

Also, have y’all played Brutal Doom?

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Rip and tear your guts

Rip and tear


Never played, but seen the film. Really enjoyed the first person scene, but not much else;


The new DOOM just started an open beta. Thoughts?

I’ve heard some scary things about 60fps cap (not that it would affect me), no air control, wonky zoom sensitivity and one shot melee kills. But then again, it’s still a beta: things are bound to change.

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Cyber demon
The beta is great

Beta impression and aside about betas at large:
Generally no; betas don’t change the game other than very minor balancing. Betas - again, generally speaking - are the new version of a multiplayer demo. And while some people cough levelcap on YouTube cough think that DOOM is the hyper competitive arena FPS legend like QUAKE, it’s not, and this MP feels a little tacked on. It’s a casual’s game, and I’m fine with that, it’s gory and fun and has metal - as a DOOM fan, I’m satisfied - but it does lack a good competitive base. Not a problem, per se, and IMO, but yeah, the beta shows that gameplay is quick, satisfying and fun, but melee is stupidly broken and the assassinations/executions/glory kills just need to go.

All from an Xbox One experience, by the way. I heard the PC port is abysmal, which is to be expected of a game that (hilariously, considering it is DOOM) went through a stage of development hell that was probably paralleled only by (even more irony) the likes of Duke Nukem Forever.

Im gonna put this song on and sing it when Im killing some Demons. Im hoyped for this game.

DOOM is released in just over 12 hours (at the time of writing :stuck_out_tongue: ). All aboard the hype train, next stop… Hell.

I’ll join you when I hear anything about the finished product.

Steam reviews look fairly promising right now :smiley:

I don’t trust Steam reviews.

Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: