Doom guy pixel art

so this is more of a introduction to what i do as this is my first topic i made this back in may when doom 2016 came out I’ve been meaning to post it some were and well here it is

so i joined the community in 2008 and i was 7 at the time and sense then I’ve been in lovewith the now canceled theme by the way why did it get canceled for the second time i mean from what I’ve heard it takes 2 years to cancel a theme any ways i found out about this website and been wanting to join for a while but my internet isn’t the best and if your wondering what i made this on i used a in browser program called p.a.m or pixel art maker a quick and simple way to make pixel art ill put a link here


It is Alright
nothing special
but the arms look odd to me
but a good effort

well this kind of art is hard to pull off with out making something look odd.

His guns look a bit small but it’s still good.