DOOM: Summoner's head

So, Bethesda and id are doing this thing for DOOM Eternal called the Slayer’s Club and they have an art submissions area in return for Slayer’s Club points. I’m not the best at digital art, nor 3D art, but Lego… I got that.

So I decided to do a bust of one of the DOOM Demons and I choose the summoner since it has a very interesting head shape. I was looking at skulls for inspiration but skulls wouldn’t exactly… be able to exactly emulate this moc.

Comments and Criticisms are welcome! :slight_smile:

Original Summoner:

My Design:

Edit: Reuploaded images with logo


Wow. That looks really cool! Nice work.

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This looks, really amazing. I always loved large scale brick-built faces!

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@Tuaro @Toa_Radrix Thank you!