So I’m riding the hype-train for DOOM Eternal and I wanted to give the alternate Umarak mask some use. The result is this; DOOMarak.

Basically I was trying to make an Arch-Vile version of Umarak, thus the big hands, spikes and fiery motif. I used Umarak’s body as foundation and kinda just added to it. Not the most original MOC in the world but it served its purpose.

Tried to make it more “DOOM-like” by giving him bright yellow-ish eyes, as a reference to the promotional image for the Revenant:

And of course, the trademark brutality of DOOM brought forth by DOOMarak carrying Tahu’s head as a trophy.

Signature Arch-Vile summoning pose:

And the poor guy just wants to play E1M1, but is just a tad bit short. Maybe next time pal.



Cool. I like the lower legs. 7.5-10

why is DOOMarak wearing tahu’s mask on his crotch :laughing:

Very good MOC. But it looks a little bit too much like lava beast