Dormammu God Of Destruction

His back story is. He is a Vestal God like being which in need of his brothers and sisters. When his brotherhood is not in need of him he searches other world’s which need help. Dormmamu is more agresive then his brothers if his mission is to wipe every single thing in existence he will do it whit no remorse or feelings. So this moc is not the greatest but my goal was to build a big moc. Was it successful ? No it wasn’t. I didn’t had enough parts to build him so I decided to poste this moc nonetheless and I will be grateful if you guys tell me how to improve upon it.

<imgsrc="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/1/0/10f05b8c38488b51eb3953e275e07f5c5e70e485.jpg" width=“375” height=“500”>


I’ve come to bargain. Wait, that’s Dormammu. Rats.
The build looks nice, but it suffers from the rainbow syndrome. I suggest picking a few colors that work well together, instead of a ton of different colors. If you fix that, this dude will look stellar.


Should call him the god of chaos, bc he’s certainly chaotic. i like this a bit, but i’d try to make him more compact. the legs are also waaaay too long compared to the torso

edit: er, looking at him again, it looks like you just slapped some constructions from some sets together in some places. i can tell for certain that that’s onua 2015’s entire body at the top of the torso. try to be more original with your builds, maybe?

this man has a family, please


The entire build is rather messy, the upper arms armor shell placement is inconsistent, the lower legs ball joints are exposed, and a back view would be nice.

I would suggest reconfiguring the moc, im certain you can get a better result with majority of the pieces used.


OK thanks to you all I shall be better in the future

insert I’ve come to bargain joke here


Ninja yeah I get the joke. Pretty funny that some of you said that

His one weakness must be time.

Probably yes :slight_smile:

He’s been working out since Strange came to bargain I see. Regardless the colors are messy and you really could cut down on the G2 parts and incorporate some Technic in there. I do like the basic design to it, as it has a lot of untapped potential.

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Well sorry me no rich Boy

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This looks really cool!
The color scheme is a little scattered and random, yes, but the moc in itself if pretty great! Maybe do some more work on it, smooth out the textures and create a color scheme of maybe 2 or three main colors and an accent.