Doug Man Doodles

I was in the middle of doodling in my sketch book when I had an epiphany. Many artists use reference material whenever they attempt to draw complex items or ideas. I haven’t been doing that, and my attempts at anatomy have suffered because of it, at least until today when I asked myself why I’m not using anything as a reference. I pulled out my 3.75 inch Vintage Collection Range Trooper figure and put it into a few poses, and drew these two sample drawings from them.

sketch 1 sketch 2

Still kind of rough since I’m still getting use to it, but I still feel like I’ve made a big breakthrough with my work.


You say it’s not inspired, but I can’t not see this.

Of course, it may just be a little bit of racism in my brain of “all wolfmen look alike”.

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I mean, I’ve come to the conclusion that the mere action of creating a wolf man as a character unilaterally causes them to either be inherently derivative, or experience some form of parallel evolution, which is to say that there’s always some level of unoriginality or similarities to be expected when you create one. I draw a gaping hole in his chest? So have other people. I’ve thought a lot about those ideas over the past few weeks and came to this conclusion. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I could instead dive headfirst into the cliches as a source of humor. A grumpy lone wolf just like all the other grumpy lone wolves. But aside from a conceptual level, when I refer to reference material, I’m not saying that my design wasn’t influenced by anything, rather that this was the first time that I used an actual reference, in this case an action figure I own, for the character’s pose and anatomy, as opposed to trying to draw it from memory. In conclusion, I’m not saying that my work is inspired, it’s inherently derivative due to the subject matter, because you’re right, all wolves do look the same. Instead, I’m using a figure as reference material so that my anatomy and posing skills improve.

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The feet look just a lil weird, but over all the posing and proportions look great!

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