Dr. Evils mask stealing mech!

Ever been in your room late at night and can’t go to sleep so you just start messing around with some parts? Yah that’s basically what this is…


5 our of 10
Needs Elvis Presley as a Doctor


Nice system build for the cockpit. The rest is…okay for what you could have accomplished in a sleep deprived state :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the design of the cockpit

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Is he going to use that mask to steal one millions dollars


Cool. Is the cockpit based on that space skulls set from a few years ago?

The system portion is spot on but the technic parts could use some beefing up.

Sweet I’m a sucker for wacky novelty mocs. It looks like it would fit nicely in the Factory Space Skull theme. It’d be cool if the mech itself was steampunk themed to match the old-fashioned pilot figure or if you just swapped the pilot out for a sci fi fig.