Dr Membrane

Name: Membrane
Function: Mnemosurgeon/Medic
Alignment: Autobot
Motto: “Redundancy is a plague on our race.”

Membrane was a prolific correctional surgeon at the original Institute. He took part in numerous Empurata procedures while he was under its employ, including the Herald crew member Network. When the war broke out, he remained unaligned until the time came to either pick a side or flee Cybertron, when he reluctantly joined the Autobots as a field medic, a position that allowed him to lay low and stay relatively out of danger, ensuring he survived until the end of the war, after which he returned to his true calling as a mnemosurgeon.

As a surgeon, Membrane values his hands above everything else. His dexterity and grace when performing a surgery is a marvel to behold, which made it almost tragic when he lost them, along with his face, to Network as revenge for taking away his hands. After he lost his hands, he fell into a state of depression, having lost his purpose. However, that depression soon changed to anger towards network and motivation to get his hands back. He soon fell in line with the mad scientist Mange and his hired muscle Mongrel, soon becoming the mastermind of the group. The three of them moved off world to the tourist planet of Benthanine, where the two goons helped him steal hands from unsuspecting Cybertronians.

Membrane is proud and arrogant. He sees himself as superior to all others. He is also a strong believer in functionism. When he looks at a Cybertronian, he judges them based on their alt mode. Before he lost his hands, he would perform Empurata on bots he deemed to have redundant alt modes. However, his superiority complex causes him to see any bot who does not share his alt mode to be redundant and an affront to Primus. Of course, some are just more in need of correction than others.

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 3
Endurance: 5
Courage: 1
Firepower: 1
Skill: 10

Alt mode: Medical slab

Alright, so I’m pretty proud of this design. It was one of my first times drawing Transformers in my usual style for a while. I’ve had this guy in the back of my mind for a while as a minor villain. I always intended for him to have been the one to have performed Empurata on Network ( ). I should point, in case it was a bit confusing, that Network put him through Empurata as revenge, and stole his hands for good measure (a bit like Ratchet did to Pharma). Anyways, let me know what you guys think! C&C is appreciated!


Very nice. My only question is, what is his alt-mode?

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Very good question. I never really thought of one. He might be a monoformer

You shouldn’t mention this,

Without giving us an alt-mode.

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Frick your right. I’m dumb

Just added one

By medical slab you mean one of those tables you see in a doctor’s office?

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Yeah, a cross between that and Kaon’s chair mode. I’d imagine it would have medical tools and a rudimentary life support system

I don’t know who Kaon is, but I think I’ve got the right idea.

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Is it just me, or does he Look a bit glitchy

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I love it!
Good job. I like the mono-eye version better.

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You’re right, I can totally see it. Maybe switching up the colours could fix that

I think the head is also quite reminiscent

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That’s true. Same with the claws. I kinda just used some common Empurata traits

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If it was just that I could easily just bring up whirl, bit there’s more resemblance then meets the eye


I can see it even more now. I’ll have to do a version 2

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Dude this looks great!

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