Dr. Octavian Von Arachnefar

Continuing the discussion from Ratchet and clank:

I was going to wait until a few days or a few more Bionicle centric MOCs were posted but since this conversation came up in the Video Games threadI felt that it'd be appropriate to post this MOC given that Ratchet and Clank(or more so a villain in one of the games) is the direct inspiration for it. I present to Dr Octavian Von Arachnefar-Genius Master Villain Extraordinaire!

About the MOC
One of the big inspirations for me while building Dr. A was Dr. Nefarious from the Ratchet and Clank series of games for the Playstation systems. In fact I often used reference photos of him to get similar proportions. This is mainly why Dr. A is so tall and skinny, though Dr. Nefarious is about as tall as Ratchet who isn't very tall at all compared to many of the other characters in the series.

Features and Gadgets
Arachnefar isn't much of a fighter, if he has any particular strength or speed, it comes from his robotic body. Dr. A is much more inclined to let his minions do all the fighting themselves, right up until he absolutely has to. However, once he's forced in a position of combat, he's got quite an arsenal of weaponry and tricks up his sleeves(literally if he's wearing a robe). These include:

  • Dual arm-mounted "Venomissiles"

  • Web shooter located in his mouth

  • Projectile hands(one chained one is not due to the venomissiles)

  • Sharpened Bone Talons.

  • THE SubLIMEinator!!!
  • Are those pesky bugs, aliens, robots, zombies, humans. Gnomes, pirates, ninjas, alien-robot-zombie-bug ninja-pirate-gnoms bothering you or your state of perfected harmony? Then subdue your foes or pesky household nuisances with the SubLIMEinator! It has a handy dandy dial so you can use it for everything from zapping those annoying house flies, to zapping your annoying in-laws. The SubLIMEinator, GET YOURS TODAY! From Dave-i-corp!

Dr. A also has Three Minions. More about them and the Doc can be read on his DA page.

Arachnafar(the chibi version).
He's a grumpy little fellow. Its tough being the EVILEST MASTER VILLAIN OF THE GALAXY place evil laugh here...when you're only 4 feet tall, and a foot and a half of that comes from your ginormous jarred brain head. XD Every good video game-ish evil super villain genius needs a comical/ironic defeat at the end of the game, Arachnefar's is that he's eternally cursed to be stuck in this pint sized(and admittedly adorable snickers) form. Even if he tries to swap out components of his robotic form hes zapped back into this one.

More in depth Bio Deviantart Deviation.
Additional Photos Flickr Gallery
Theme song:


wow. I don't think I've ever seen so much detail and backstory go into a MOC

LOL that's the abbreviated version. The one on DA is way longer. stuck_out_tongue And I didn't actually put the Bio element of Dr. A and how he became what his is into it. So yeah even the long version has his history omitted from it. stuck_out_tongue

this is really awesome dude smiley

Thanks. smile

I always love Bionicle MOCs that don't try to look like Bionicle. That's a very nice design all around. I love that weapon, and while I'm not sure at all how you made that top hat, this is pretty impressive.

That hat is amazing! Nicely done.

Huh, guess you guys aren't very familiar with my MOCs. I have loads of MOCs that don't look like bionicles. That's why I posted that thread about going back to building Bionicle oriented MOCs. A lot of the "heavy hitters' out there strayed away from it entirely, yet I've seen them go back and make some since all this Bionicle stuff surfaced.

Thanks Kahi. Though that's not a top hat. That's his brain in a glass case, Like Brainiac, someone mentioned a character named Dr. Badvibes, and even though you couldn't see it normally, Mojo Jojo had a big brain case thing going on to. Lastly, that's a Kraata jar that I peeled the label off of and used the single technic pinhole connection point and connected it to the rest of his head with an 8 Axel with a stop end.

@Number_13962 Thanks. smiley Its not a hat though. Its his brain in a jar/case thingy.

Kinda thought that was obvious. How did you guys think it was a hat?

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I love R&C but I didn't even know this character existed...

Which Character? Dr. Nefarious or mine?


lookng back at this, I forgot how awesome the soundtrack for R&C was, oh and I forgot to say, love that weapon description, reminds me, I need to replay the first 3 again, just for memories

My bad stuck_out_tongue

I just realised that the jar uses a Kraata canister. Nice use of it.

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Oh okay. Well he's my newest character, so you didn't really miss him, you just didn't see him yet. smile