Dr. PSYcho, Makuta Terorizer of Stone

Name: Dr. Frank N. Stine AKA “Dr. PSYcho”
Occupation: Makuta, Scientist, Interigator
Element: Stone, Water, Earth, Electricity, Venom
Team: Makuta Terorizers
Weapons: Laser Cutter, Venom Slicer, Shocker Claw, Stone Borer, Electricity Generators
Mask: Kanohi Tryna, Mask of Reanimation
Weapon: His Weapons are used mostly for his experiments but he can use them to fight when he needs, although he mad adjustments to make the weapons for some strange reason to cause his enemies immeasurable pain and torture…no one knows why though. his Laser Cutter can cut through solid Steel, when switched to blaster mode, he can use it to blast through solid inanimate Objects, but just causes a lot of pain to his enemies. his Venom Slicer allows him to dissect the hardest scales, in weapon form it can slice through stone, but can only cut on the surface of whoever it touches while injecting poison into them of his own concoction. his shocker claw can shock the subject into a comatose state so he can experiment, while in weapon form it can use enough electricity to kill the person he has but only makes it rack up slowly, this is made so that if he needs to finish the people off by order then he has the ability to. his Stone Borer can drill through any subjects body part with little mess, in weapon mode he can use its power to shatter a cliff side but only uses its power enough to knock an opponent back into a wall or shatter bones, this gives him a lot of leeway as far as interrogating. his electrical generators are what give him his power as well as the venom canisters on his back.
Element: even though he has power over stone he has no ability to use it from altering his own body too much.
Mask: while he enjoy’s his experiments he dose not hesitate to use them at his will. his entire experimentation room is built with an amplifier for his mask power making the experimentation room a death trap for anyone who tries to face him there, as his mask of Reanimation can bring all of his experiments that are still dead back to life…as his own personal Zombie army.
Bio: Nobody knows about PSYcho’s true past. and every time he tells it there are a few changes. the basis of his story? some girl left him for one of his best friends…his response? kill her, his friend, and everyone in the neighborhood he was in within a 100 mile radius. enforcers, women, children, everyone…this MO…is what brought him to The New Threats attention. once in the New Threats control he got the chance to do whatever he wanted to whoever he wanted and still get away with it. charged as the head of Science and experimentation in the organization. and he went at it. everyone in the organization except for a few people are converted with tech that Dr. PSYcho got from Siferius and Modified himself…and with darker intentions…he even modified his own body so that not only would he be able to keep himself from getting hurt easily, it also gave him the ability to use it in whatever experiment he wanted without causing himself harm. his extension legs gave him the ability to not only reach a tall persons face in interrogation or to reach something on a high shelf. he loves his job…and has even caused deaths of some of his victims Makuta, dark hunters and Toa alike just for fun.
Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fn36l_z3WY (Creepyist one I could find)

WOAH! HOLY CRAP! I didn’t think I could be this dark…just…wow…I have no Idea how I came up with this but here it is…

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ehh colorscheme could have been a little better, and the build is… weird?

Not trying to sounds mean pr anything, but this MOC is an absolute mess. The leg build insteresting, but is completely ruined by the colors. The Yellow is completely out of place as well as the green biohazard tube thingys. The weapons’ colors clash outrageously with each other and anything the rest of the thing has. Also the head, why is it missing an eyestalk? Story porpusoes? Anyway the story is not much better either, sounds more like a human’s story than a Makuta’s.

And finally, the back of it, the color of it does not match with anything yet again.

And yesm I get you explained he controls all of those elements etc etc, but you could have pulled it off in a much better way, right now, this looks like a complete mess.


I really can’t understand how someone with pieces this old could still make something like this.

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The colors really do not work well together with each other. This moc definitely needs some revisions

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I’m going to agree with everyone on the colors, but as for the moc itself, it’s not that bad. This is a pretty cool concept, and as the fellows above me said, this would be even better with a different color scheme.

me…I tried to make it that way…

one, DANG you find lots of problems don’t you…and no the eye stalk is gone to Literally just give him the soulless eyes look…

two, Yeah but Honestly I couldn’t really figure out how to explain it better…and remember that NO ONE knows his past…that was the easiest thing I could come up with but again he never tells the truth…

Three, maybe your right…but honestly I was in a killer crazy mood when I made this and this is what I came up with…what can I say I’m insane…

Pieces this old? Whats that mean? anyways I just made it…

XD Nope! meant to look crazy and stupid this is the one moc that will probably just be in the background building creatures and causing them to kill eachother for their own enjoyment while nobody see’s its ugly mug! 0.0; wow I really am crazy…

I tried but I just failed with the colors I guess ^^; I don’t know everyone seems to have a problem with my color scheme’s…they are gona have a REALLY big issue when I bring out the “Black goes with everything” Series I made…

XD WOW…maybe I should stop replying on this one I feel like I sound so Demented!

It needs a more cohesive color scheme. I like the build.

XD thank you!

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Eh still I think the story doesn’t really excuse the messyness, and tbh I don’t find the story too brutal, edgy if anything.

well…honestly I ain’t an “end of the world by killing everyone with a steak knife” type of guy so this was the best I could do…

The color scheme is very messy, along with the MOC itself. If you want to stick with the messed-up look to him, I suggest you try to have a more consistent color scheme, but with erratic placement and distribution.

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Back to the color scheme, always with the color scheme, Dang people come on XD the moc is supposed to look messy though…

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I actually don’t mind the messy build, mainly just the color scheme.

There are better ways to achieve that, right now it looks like a bunch of parts lammed together, I mean the build isn’t too bad, but the colors are really bad.

XD WOW! if you hate that your REALLY gona hate my Cyborg friend…

I agree with everyone on the Colors to a point. I actually like the look of this guy though.
With a little improvement this thing could be awesome. Right now his just cool, which is still a good thing.

I actually quite like the legs, if the colors were better they would look amazing. They remind me of my old self MOC.

DANG! So many good an negitve comments! I may have to start tallying! Gets out a note book

Really? never saw it…mind showing me?

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Like I said his was my old self MOC. He fell off the self a while ago, and he was made with a lot of lime green pieces. I haven’t got to rebuilding him yet. But when I do get to rebuild him, I will invite you to the topic.

He was also before I was on the boards.