Dr. Redwin VonHowitzer

I have no clue where I got the name, but I think it works.

He’s got one of the most unconventional builds I’ve done in a while, and I think he turned out okay.

He’s got a torn up cape and decided to start a team of ludicrous laser wielding mercenaries, which I’ll probably post eventually.

His septer probably does something, but he’s never been able to figure out what.

Yeah. That’s about it.


Is the propellor/sawblade supposed to be a tail?

Yes it is.


There’s political content on that essay…

Oh. Sorry about that. For the record, the political election avengers batman vs superman crossover is the best part. Please don’t flag.

I won’t. It was a joke, since I knew you didn’t mean to.

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It has an interesting look to it. Good job

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