Draakir - Lord of the Fire Creatures

Hi there. Just found this board and figured I'd share a couple of my recent MOCs. I've posted these on flickr and moc-pages.com, so some of you may have seen them already. If so, hope you don't mind my sharing them here too.

This guy started out as just a re-vamp of Ikir. but as I was building him, he just took on a life and character of his own. This is Draakir. .

Thanks for checking out my post.


I like the overall look of him and the colors. My favorite aspect of him is probably the wings which look cool.

This is the first time in a while I've seen Skrall swords here. Nice job!



Kind of looks like Ikir's evil twin brother :smile:

He's pretty hellish alright. Nice work.

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Looks great. The black gives him a look of embers. I like it.

I like how it gives the animal vibe, but it seems like it'd be sentient

Shadow Ikir... neat. The Skrall swords don't quite mesh aesthetically, but they work fine color-wise and that staff really suits him. Makes him look... lordly.

I like the idea, but i think that the arms are out of place, maybe instead you should use the balljoints which the arms are currently using to armor Draakir up a little bit, and make the wings larger, he will be a lot more grander that way.

Thanks for the feedback. Usually I'm a big proponent of armoring up my MOCs. But I kept this guy unarmored so as to match with Ikir. I didn't want him to be too grand, since he's nowhere near a Toa-level being. According to the origin blurb I wrote, he is merely the protector and shepherd of the fire creatures:

On Okoto, the fire creatures roam free, just waiting for the mighty Toa of Fire to find them and unite their powers. But for all these years the Ikir have not been living without a protector and shepherd. That shepherd is Draakir, and he is the Lord of the Fire Creatures. He has protected them, watched over them, and led them, waiting for the arrival of the mighty Tahu. Finally that time has come, and Ikir and Tahu shall unite to defeat Umarak's evil horde!

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Ok, I understand

This looks great!

I like it


Demon Ikir is terrifying
The Skrall blades really work here, very creative.