Drag0nf1y - System fighter craft MOC

Wow, I have not posted a MOC in a while. Anyways, I imagine this being a ship there would be a large squadron of.

I added stud shooters on the bottom and I actually think they look pretty good,

What do you think?


This is quite phenomenal. The colors, shaping, and engine detail are all very, very impressive.

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when you only notice the blue pins

Still this is a great moc

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This looks great! My only nitpick is that the pods make it look more like an atmospheric craft than a spaceship, but that’s really minor.


@jayzor17 Your right. I originally intended for it be that, I just put that in the title. I changed it to be more fitting.

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The taco ship



This is pretty good, I could definitely see a whole fleet of these.

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Reminds me of a downscaled Slave I
Very nice job, though!

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Very noice!

Do the minifig’s arms have to be removed so he can fit?

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Unfortunately, yes. I thought it was a worthy compromise though, otherwise the cockpit would have to be bulked out.

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Be careful that you don’t pop them on/off too many times, or the torso or arm pins may break. (perhaps get one body to keep the arms on, and one to keep the arms off)

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