Dragalia Lost (Nintendo Mobile Game)

Nintedo’s latest mobile game came out today and I feel like a topic for it would be nice.
It’s really fun and has a good combat system. I recommend it basically anyone.

Add me if you feel like it please

Took a while to download, but seems interesting. We’ll have to see if it manages to keep my interest.

I didn’t know that Nintendo made Anime games.

And no, Zelda does not count.

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Fire Emblem Hero’s

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Just Heroes? Did they buy rhe rights to Fire Emblem recently?

FE is published by Nintendo :stuck_out_tongue:

You also can’t deny that Nintendo added some more anime aesthetic to FEH

First day of Dragalia is done

I spent so much of my day playing this game. Its so fun.

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I guess, but I will mention that there is a difference between a Publisher and Devoloper. Like Bethesda. Bethesda game studios is a developer, and Bethesda propper is a publisher.

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I might download this… That is if I have enough memory on my phone

nintendo has a bunch of second-party properties
pretty sure fe, xenoblade, kirby, and smash brothers are all published by nintendo but not dev’d by them (the latter two were dev’d by hal laboratories)
probs a few other examples but those were just off the top of my head

also nintendo has been publishing anime games for quite a while now


Huh,I didnt know that. Thanks for enlitening me.