Dragon Concept

Part of a month and a half uni project to design a Dragon - This is the final piece. I have my problems with it, but overall I’m really happy with the result. My intention was to steer as far away from a traditional dragon as possible, and instead create something that belonged in a horror movie rather than a fantasy movie.

Below I’ve added all the sketches which helped me refine my idea - most of which focus on the head. I liked the idea of combining the hooded design of the Grim Reaper and H.R. Giger’s NSFW imagery to create something really unsettling.


That is honestly terrifying


@Ace Thankyou :smiley:


I love this too much. I have a soft spot for creepy designs.

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Jeez, dude, that’s insane! I’d definitely say you succeeded in your goal! I’ve never seen anything like that before!

What sort of class is this for? I’d love to take something like that… :laughing:

These are horrifying. Grotesque and disturbing in all the best ways. I also see a lot of inspiration from Venom in this.

And I doubt this was intentional, but a few of the designs reminds me of this.

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@LTVmocs Thanks :smiley:

@PakariNation99 Games Art course, concept art class specifically :slight_smile:

@MaxinePrimal I wasn’t thinking of Venom as I was designing it (though I have taken inspiration from Venom previously), but I see what you mean! Same with the concept you linked, I haven’t seen it before but it looks awesome!


Welp, I’m scarred— I mean— scared.

I hate it, good job.

I really love the design; it seems very insectoid and alien while maintaining the dragon-like concept.

Spooky. But well done.

Spooky dragon. Ten skulls :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:/10

I really like this. The slenderness of it makes it super creepy, but not to the point that you can’t tell it’s a dragon.

Wow, this drawings are awesome, and spooky, and they make me remember as a kid how I loved drawing dragons!

This is beautiful

As a man who loves horror I love this

Thankyou for all of your compliments and feedback! Sorry I haven’t been very active here, I haven’t been at my PC much since the original post.

Also, I’m surprised I forgot to include this; I used this as a skeleton to help with the structure and perspective in the final concept - to my surprise my lecturers loved the idea!


Very well done, mate! It looks like a creepier version of a HTTYD dragon.

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Spooky scary dragons…

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