Dragon head

Hello everyone.
Soo here is my first costume head for my moc.
What do you think ? :slight_smile:


Awesome. I love the use of Scarox’s spiky “mask” for the lower jaw, as it compliments the rest of the spiky head


This looks awesome.

Very nice parts usage here. I especially like the way you implemented those tail pieces to better shape the eyes.

@Dragon_Ben should see this. Anyway, this looks great. Can’t wait to see the whole completed thing.

I actually saw this way earlier today. but I was working so I couldn’t comment. Thought I left a like though.

@BiotronicMocs just a great dragon head build man. looks great.

#######May be using an edited version of this for my self MOC.

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Perfect in every way. Can’t wait to see more.


Thank you so much guys i really appreciate it :slight_smile:



Looks good from the side, but from the front it looks a bit weird and its difficult to tell what it is.

This looks really well done. Kind of wish there was a body to go with it, but I know that would take some time to build