Dragon Samurai Mech

I decided to build this after @LQ1998 told me about his Ninjago Secret Wars project. I thought it was cool and decided to build a mech for it. So I took apart Lloyd's Golden Dragon and built this, thing...

It looks alright. I love everything above the waist. I ran out of gold and dark green pieces, as you can see, once I got to the shins.
Obligatory Nyran shot

As you can see, the lower legs are completely technic and complete trash.
Here the mech is about to draw its katana to split some other poor mech into twain.

I was going for this Samurai-esque look with the body and stuff, which is why I gave him the flags, but I thought it'd be cool, since the pieces came from a dragon, to give him an oriental dragon head. Sans the mustache.
Get ready for heads to roll.

And here is Lloyd himself.

This is my first time ever building a mech on my own, so I think I did pretty well. Unfortunately the quality of the build is abominable as the thighs tend to break in my hand and the waist likes to fall off. I don't know why...

Critique welcome.


QC issues aside, it gets the general look across, but I feel the torso is too much of a rectagnle, vertically, and also I think the shoulders could stand to have more defined pads, like Cole's mech, the OG Samurai mech, or even like the King's Mech from NK.


Intereting, I like the choice of colors, they work with the whole oriental motif you were going for.

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The only issue is the head.

what is that a green mustache or something

Trying to make it look like the mustaches Chinese dragons have.


The Knights Kingdom knee pads look a bit weird to me, because they are not the shame shade of gold as the rest of the moc

Yeah, I couldn't find anything else in the pearl gold.

The MOC is great, but I really like the colour scheme!