Dragonfly Fighter-Gunship

Hey here’s a last minute Shiptember build.

The dragonfly is a high speed, maneuverable space gunship capable of in-atmosphere flight. It is primarily used to back up starfighters and complete bombing runs at high speeds.

I built this because there was a great shortage of smaller fighters built for shiptember and I wanted to see more of those.

Little blurb about the random old gray piece


So when I first put this together that old gray piece on top was normal gray. I had no idea that the piece was abs plastic. So this means that over the span of 4 weeks or so, that piece changed on me, and without a replacement it’s stuck like that.Drat.


Interesting vehicle, I like how unique it is. Also, glad to see Agent Caila Phoenix in there!

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great work dude

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Thanks @LegoDavid and @SR388. Hopefully I can get some parts to recolor this mic a bit better soon.

This has really good shaping. Good job

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