DragonMaster "Beastformer"

So this moc is a remake of my biggest bipedal character that I had ever made. Not only did I want him to be better looking , but also decided to make him able to change between a dragon and a humanoid mode. This was the result. It’s a little less cohesive on his torso, but it looks closer to how I envisioned him originally.

His previous version.

His New Version. Humanoid Form

Dragon Form.

More Pictures from different angles.

My cat decided to take the spotlight for a while.

This guy was challenging, but the final result is satisfactory. Not perfect yet. I’d still like to rework the dragon form’s front legs and find a good design for his humanoid head, but I need a break from this moc for a while.


It is amazing how the MOC can transform and yet still look really great in both forms! Great MOC overall!

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@BBricks Thank you!

@LaserKnight Even how simple this transformation was, it took a while to make it look nice. Bioformers are not my forte.

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As much as I enjoy the function, it’s extremely messy and looks disconnected. Nothing really flows, here, and only the silhouette really looks like anything.


@Joe Thanks for the input. That definitely needs to be worked on. Are you referring to the whole thing looking disconnected, or the transition between sections of limbs?

It seems like the larger the scale, the harder it can be to make the moc flow overall.

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The general MOC, there’s a lot of parts that get the general shaping right, but don’t really flow well together.


Thank you for clarifying.

Forget dropped. My jaw has separated from my skull.

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I liiike dis one

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@Zero Well, I hope your jaw can be salvaged. I’m glad you like it.

@Tobin-Bartram Thanks!


The dragon form is simply stunning; a well shaped, imposing design. The robot forms torso feels cluttered in certain areas, but it is otherwise relatively solid.

Like the idea behind it and the Dragon form looks just amazing.
robotic mode on the other hand is a little lack luster just like you said, would have liked a better look at the human head, to see how it looks close up the human form might have looked better up close though this is just what I think. Amazing work still

I think it is perfect just the way it is right now, the head might need some work, but other than that it’s perfect

@KazumaDoubleIce I think the torso could do something else. Maybe some different shaping would help.

@Asriel Mainly, I want to rework how the dragon’s feet fold out and improve traction. Not really changing much aesthetically, mostly structural things.

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imma say it now, i love this

Please just get a moc-spot

I don’t really care for the humanoid mode, but that beast mode, WOW-WEE-WOW-WOW-WOW!!! That is Spectaculafabulicious!

Both forms are great, but man, that cat is adorable!

@Ace Thank you!

@SirIggs Thank you! It would be nice.

@spudyeisleycreations I think that this is the near consensus for everyone.

@darkbrick999 Yeah, she’s cute, but attention demanding. She also follows me around the house.

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As a Dragon Dragon lover, I must say I am impress.

While I do think it is a bit messy in some areas, it is a good Moc.

9/10 :smiley: