Dragon's Breath

So this was a bike I started on last November after I picked up two Lloyd mech dragons for $11 each. I first started with the front because I wanted to see what the head would look like with the headlight in the mouth. After procrastination and not knowing what to do for 6 months I finally came back and actually finished it.

I plan on making a rider for it in the future but for right now we can all just admire the final product.


Ok, this is genius. I love the idea and the look!

Wait what? How? Didn’t that retail for like 50$ or something?

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Haha. This is GOOOOD.

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final vento
this is a ryuki reference

i love the bike the greebling is on point

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Picks up jaw


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Woah, this is a next level build, that’s amazing.

Freakin amazing. I wish this was an actual set!

This is awesome! I like the dragon head more than the one in the set and the greeble work is fantastic. For there being a ton of Ninjago bikes, I would love to see them take a more oriental atheistic and embrace the wackiness and coolness of having a dragon head as part of the bike. Great job all around!

Hahahaha thank you all so much! happy you all love it :smiley:

yeah, I got lucky one day when I walked into walmart and I usually scan items with the app because sometimes it doesnt show the actual price for sets.

lol, nice one. Also thanks a ton

I would infidelity love to see that kind of thing on ninjago sets, they’ve been doing a much better job lately on their mechs (such as the Titan Mech) and I would die to see them try out something new other than the generic motorcycle with knifes.


Absolutely awesome, such a cool idea

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