Dragoth The Feared

In the ancient times, Dragoth was banished to the caves beneath Okoto for terrorising villagers. During his absence many stories about him arose which were used to frighten children in to doing their work. Most people don’t believe he exists but even now he roams the catacombs searching for a way out.

Oh and here’s an alternate form of him witch I found by accident.


those are some crazy long thighs

and some crazy not nearly as long shins

I find that typically, leg parts tend to look better when they’re closer to the same length.

Also, I find myself oddly fascinated from the head’s profile view.

it’s kinda skeletal, in a way

it’s cool.

I can understand why you don’t like the legs because I often try to make sure the lower legs are slightly longer than the upper legs but with this moc I wanted to give off a distorted look.

It has a pretty interesting look to it. Nice job

Bit plain, but not bad. 7/10 needs more pistons

The lime green Skull Spider kinda of sticks out.

looks pretty awesome, but not a fan of the “alternate form”

Just to clarify the alternate form isn’t cannon, it was just something funny I found

I love the face.


He is very cool.

I like the head, but there should be a little bit of green on the chest.

nice job just add more green and you will be…

idk it would look better

He flows quite well.