Drahkir, Creature of Fire, Shadow and Light

Drahkir is the Elemental Creature for my Self-Moc Maruahi. When TTV was reviewing the Art of Bionicle Concept Art book Kahi/Jonathan mentioned he wished someone would make a Creature that could be Function, Armor and Weapon while still being a creature. Drahkir is what I came up with. He provides the uniting Toa with wings, a shield and a sword and any combination that the Toa desires.

When the eight Toa first arrived on Okoto the land was barren and harsh. The island sought to balance out the elemental energies by creating a Toa of Shadow, Umarak, to balance out Toa Takanuva and a Toa of Ice, Shadow and Light to balance out Toa Maruahi. Teniki, the Ice Wraith, had Ice, Shadow and Light abilities but was not created properly and died within minutes of being created. His improper creation was because Maruahi did not divulge the secret of how he existed with three elements, especially since Shadow and Light are opposite and seek to cancel each other out. The Toa encountered the villagers and used their elemental abilities to change the scenery and create six main regions following a similar pattern to a place from their previous dimension. As each region was being created the Elemental Creatures were born of the elements and of the island itself. However, Maruahi, Takanuva, and Umarak did not create regions but the island did not want the elements to be out of balance so it created Elemental Creatures for these Toa to ensure a better balance of elemental energies. It created Agil, the Creature of Light, Nobrahi, the Creature of Shadow and Drahkir, the creature of Fire, Shadow and Light. Maruahi agreed to aid in the creation of Drahkir only if he got to pick some of its attributes. The island agreed. Maruahi saw that the other creatures increased the elemental abilities of their Toa and added a new capability or asset to the Toa, such as flight, armor, weapon, etc. Maruahi wanted his creature to provide all three of these things. The island did not want to give him such an advantage over the other Toa so it declared that the creature’s elemental contributions would decrease as the Toa used multiple assets. If the uniting Toa used both assets and the flight ability, then the creature would not contribute any elemental contributions and if the Toa used two of the additions then the elemental creature would contribute half of the elemental power other creatures could contribute. The island also did not want the creature to tap into its Shadow or Light abilities without the help of its uniting Toa. Maruahi said he would agree only if he could teach Drahkir to tap into its Shadow and Light abilities over time and if he could also teach the creature to detach from him while still providing him with a shield or sword or both. The island agreed and used Maruahi’s help to form Drahkir.

For more of my Self-Moc story see the link: http://toamaruahi.blogspot.com/
I am showing Drahkir with Uniter Tahu because Maruahi is not finished yet. You are also not seeing as much representation of Shadow or Light and that is because Tahu is only using the Fire elemental contributions while Maruahi would use all three elements.


Looks pretty neat but all 4 mode is amazing in my eyes

This MOC looks like a bigger version of Ikir. I don't really see the light/dark. Otherwise this MOC is nice.

Interesting, but I agree that he just seems like a bigger Ikir. You should also probably do something to make the light/dark aspect stand out.
You ripped off my name! I kill you!

Thank you all for the inputs.

I do not have the pieces I want to show Light and Shadow. I did mention in my story that Drahkir requires help from Maruahi in order for it to unlock its Light and Shadow abilities. I am still working on tying this into my story as well.

The Light and Dark elements being shown in the MOC will come out at the same time or a little earlier than when I finish Maruahi. Of course Bricklink orders and the like also have to help me get the pieces I want.