Drawing Tablet Test - Classic Robot Hand

Hello everyone on the Boards!

For Christmas I got the one thing I absolutely wanted, that being an electronic drawing pad! Now my first drawing wasn’t exactly what I wanted to get out of it:

It’s a little…less than average…

So I went online and did the one thing people like me do when they don’t know how to do something- watch YouTube videos!

After watching some tutorials and some speedpaints, I decided to do a small project to test what I got out of it, and…wow, I’m frankly surprised I could pull it off!

It’s more of a classical kind of robot, like something you’d see in a 60s Sci-Fi movie or something. Originally it was silver in color, but I decided to go with more of an orange-gold.

It’s not perfect, by any means, but I feel for a beginner to electronic painting like me, this is a solid foundation!

So, tell me what you think of it or any improvements I could make!

As always,
Comment and Discuss!


The handlooks really nice! I also like the inclusion of the scratches across it. The first one does look a little odd, but cool nonetheless

Thanks a lot! Scratches just came to my head and I decided it would help add some detail. The first one…is really bad! :smile:

What a coincidence! :gift:

This Christmas I got the same gift! I did not expect it at all (these things aren’t cheap) but I’m happy I was finally able to get one. What type did you get? I received a Wacom tablet, and use it in Photoshop.

Ah-ha, it is indeed a great thing for any budding artist to have! :smile:

I believe most tablets on the market are Wacom, and as such I have one. Mine specifically is the Wacom Intuos Draw. I use Gimp because I am not that well financed, but it’s basically a free version of Photoshop that works in almost the same way!


I gotta add drawing tablet to my list next year.

That hand is pretty good, I like the shading and scratches. I think the lighter outline on the hand and fingers should either go or be made up of a single line. Otherwise top-notch work!

I got an old Genius tablet for 30 bucks off of Ebay four years ago, and it’s probably been the best investment I’ve ever made; you’re gonna have a lot of fun with that tablet, I’m sure. That hand’s looking pretty nice…

I agree. I kinda gave up on hiding them better, but I’m going to try and do another test to work on making sharper edges so I don’t have to do that! I’m a very linear artist, so I’m just getting into value painting and all.