Drawing Tablet

So I’m thinking about getting a drawing tablet.
I already have a few models in mind, but I’m not quite sure how they work.

If someone could tell me how to make sure the drawing shows up in an art program, that would be great.

I do know that the tablet hooks up to a computer via USB, but I’m not sure what else.

Also, what are some recommendations for a decent drawing program from around $20-$30?

The tablet I use is a Wacom Intuos, though sadly the one I found on Amazon goes for $67.00

Though I would say checking Amazon for cheap graphic tablets is a good recommendation.


Thanks anyways!
I’m trying to stay with $50 or below for the tablet, so as to have enough money for a drawing program.

I would say that you should try using a free drawing program such as FireAlpaca instead (unless you do want to pay a bit more money for a more professional program such as Adobe Photoshop)

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What would you say about Corel?
I saw one for $40.
Also, is the regular Paint program decent?

I never heard of Core before.

also, when you brought up paint, as in MS Paint, it’s fairly dependant on the artist using it

or is it another type of paint?

it’s MS.

I’ll try MS paint, and fire alpaca. If those don’t work for me, I’ll use something else.


Another great free program is paint.net, it’s basically a better version of MS paint


The program I use is a free program called PaintTool SAI. It’s gotten really poplar in the world of graphic art, and you might have seen its application by some larger names in media such as TheOdd1sOut.

I would highly recommend that over Paint.net or MS Paint.


Windows 10 has a built in sketch program that either comes with your computer or you can get it from the store. It has a sketchpad and a screen sketch thing and I fairly enjoy messing around with it on my computer.

Fire Alpaca is rather fun as well. It has built in rulers and grid lines in the program which imagine would help out a considerable amount.

I’d also say try out Paint 3D which is fairly fun but not exactly an artsy thing. It’s made by Microsoft and comes on most of their new computers so you might as well take a stab.

Though not being an artist, I can’t really recommend much for how well these programs do artwise. They’re fun to doddle in though

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So far, FIreAlpaca sounds like the best free one.

Don’t know if this is one you had in mind, but I highly recommend it as a first drawing tablet:

It’s the Wacom Intuos Draw. Extremely cheap, you’ll rarely find one over $60, and it works just as well as any of the bigger, fancier ones. I used this for a few years before I got my current tablet, and it was always loyal and never revolted.

Nothing fancy about a tablet, all they do is act like your mouse, but in pen flavor! Just use an art program like you would normally with a mouse, except with the pen, and boom. Art.

That’s all, unless you have a screen tablet like mine. Then there’s an HDMI cable too, but for a normal non-screen tablet, it’s just the USB.

There are none, because the best are FREE!

I see you’ve already seemed to be set on Fire Alpaca, but if I might interest you in some other prime real-estate?

GIMP, it’s basically Photoshop, but free. It’s also what I used for, again, many years. Unlike my tablet, it did try to revolt once, but I put that uprising down with force.

Oh, there’s also a fake version called GIMPShop. Don’t use that. Don’t look at it. Most especially don’t give it your number and ask it to call you for a second date. It won’t. It will just infect your computer with a virus and leave you for some guy named Kevin.

There’s also KRITA. It’s also basically Photoshop, but free, and it’s also a littler better than GIMP. Fun fact, you can animate with it too. It also won’t dump you for Kevin, so that’s a plus.

I still have both of these programs too, because one day Photoshop is going to leave me too.

Because nothing you get in college is forever. And if you take anything from this post, it should be that.

Anyways, good luck! Have fun with that tablet, man!

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I will keep the art programs in mind. Like I said, I already have a few models in mind but I will take a look at the tablet.

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