Draxis, the Bounty Hunter

A being who cares only about the hunt.

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Looks cool, but I'm not a fan of the legs. The knee-guards in particular looks awkward, integrating those into more custom legs could help. (That, and the legs are skinny)

That is really cool. I love the build, and white gives it such a clean and professional look. This is a guy I could work with.

Upper legs are skinny but the rest is top-notch! He has a sleek, trained look to him, and I love the black and white color scheme!

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I agree with hawkflight and rangersilver6 here. The feel of Draxis is perfect. The knees are not. May I suggest flipping the knee pad armor piece upside down? I also think that the '08 Akaku is perfect for a character with a focus on precision like Draxis. Finally, I love the guns.
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I think you should post how to' of one or both guns here: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/howto-biomoccing-techniques/1488/22
Overall, great job.

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Thanks for all the comments, guys.

@Hawkflight - So far I have gotten mixed signals about the skinniness of the legs. Some say that it makes him look slim and it fit with the style (this is what I agree with), but some say that his upper legs just look too skinny. I'll see if I can try and thicken up the upper legs a little bit.

@ToaOrrel - I'll try flipping the kneeguards around and see how they'll look. As for howtos, I'm not really into making straight up howtos on MOCs, but I'll see if I can get myself to make a howtwo for a gun. wink

If you don't want to make the howto, don't feel like you have to. It was just a suggestion.

I know, but I feel like making a howto for the guns would be neat.