Dream movie remakes/sequels/prequels

What movies would love to see remade/ get a sequel/prequel? Which actors would you want in it? This is all hypothetical so let your imagination run wild.


I want a remake of the Bee Movie with Mike Myers as the bee person.


Bionicle 2 legends of metru nui

As for actors I don’t know those that can do a awesome job at portraying the characters

As for story a compilation of the 2004 storyline in a less confusing way.


more Pacific Rim please

Also I’m still waiting for Evangelion 3.0+1.0


a sequel to the Bionicle movies.
A remake of Men in Black, but it’s Women in Black
Netflix Death Note 2

Actually, a remake of Eragon would be cool if it were actually good.


A fourth Austin Powers movie now it’s Father, Uncle, & Daughter time!

A good Green Lantern Movie, they are working on one and I hope it will be good…

Some good Transformers movies would be nice.


Remake of the new Star Wars trilogy. Episode IX can’t save the mess TFA and TLJ left behind.
Remake of the Hobbit.

They’re rebooting the TF movieverse. TF6 was cancelled. After Bumblebee is out, they’re starting over. We can only hope they put more focus on the bots over humans.


Maybe a Silmarillion movie, I have not read the book yet, but I just want more Middle-Earth

A X-Men prequel about Wolverine. It would have been awesome if we had one.

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What’s this picture from?


I’d love to see a good remake of Spider-Man 3. I loved the entire original trilogy as a kid, and it’s still one of my favorite Spider-Man portrayals alongside the MCU. SM3 was lacking, though, and seeing it done right would be a blast!

A Master of Disguise sequel. That movie was priceless!

A remake of the 1989 Batman movie would be cool! I really like the Burton aesthetic for Gotham and it’d be really cool to see that brought to life again with modern technology!

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A modern 1984 remake

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Dude all of these are insanely good ideas. I hate master of disguise so much it’s the best I love it.

I’d like to see some of the Star Wars books adapted to the big screen, and maybe even a movie series about a SW Legends series (like it’d be called “Star Wars Legends: [whatever series or book it’s based off of]” or something. They’d have to make it clear that’s like an alternate universe tho)

Maybe Batman VS Superman could’ve been good. I’m glad I watched it to know the story and stuff, but it wasn’t a good movie.

This. That movie had so much potential that was just utterly wasted.

Also, if any movie needs to be remade, it’s the Last Airbender movie, which should only be made if M. Night Shyamalan is kept half a world away from the set at all times (I actually don’t think the show needed a movie, but if they wanted to do it, that’s my one condition).

Remade Star Wars Prequels.



The prequels had so much potential, and I think they could’ve still done all the setup they needed to do if they were to be redone. I honestly don’t hate the prequels, but they weren’t done justice by early CGI(except grevious he was amazing) and anakin’s acting

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I’d love to see the prequels with the Jar Jar is a sith theory being true.