Dreamer97's "Mixel-nicle" Bionicle G3 Fan project

I’ve been planning to share my personal “art” project here for a while, but only got around to doing it today.
These drawings are mostly done in Adobe Illustrator, I’ve been making them since late 2017, and they’re all for a personal, hypothetical G3 Bonkle I’ve been working on for 8 years (although the main idea behind it has changed several times as I’ve progressed with development).
To sum up, my hypothetical G3 idea is a bit similar to what the TTV cast tried to achieve with their “Brickonicle”.
Their old project gave me a lot of inspiration for the later development phase of my work.
However, the hypothetical sets in my vision, which as the title suggests are not really “traditional” Lego sets, but basically smaller brick-build action figures. (kind of successors to the old technic constraction figures.)

At the moment, the story of my project is not fully yet developed, but the plot would look like this:
“In time before time… There was a primitive world where life was on the brink of destruction. But one day, two mystical beings, Papu and Rangi, descended from the heavens and gifted the inhabitants of the planet with the perfect bond between Metal and Flesh.
They ruled the world in peace and harmony until a mysterious force from another realm corrupted one of their creations and covered the land with darkness.
After two long millennia, a tiny spark of hope was lit up, when a group of brave villagers called down the legendary Toa from the stars to bring back the light and restore peace.”
This probably sounds very familiar at first glance compared to the 2001 story, but it will be different in many ways. (As I plan.)
I hope you will like my work, I’m open to any and all feedback and criticism on both my story and my drawings!


Interesting idea. So if you were to build them in real life they’d be between the size of a minifigure and a full size bonkle?

Yeah, kind of that. They (the toa) would be around the same in height
as either the Mata or the Nuva. :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as the masks are similar to g1 or 2(as in one can place them on each other’s bodies) I’m good

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Unfourtunatley, that’s not the case here. :slightly_frowning_face: (Although, it can change.) At the moment, the way I imagined the masks in my G3 is that, they’re sharing aspects of design with both G1 and G2, but their connection is kinda similar to the visor of the traditional minifigure’s helmet.
(Except, it’s being slightly bigger.)


good gravy lewa put some clothes on

Well, actually, it’s Matau. :grinning: In my story, the main heroes are the Toa Metru not the Mata/Nuva.

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oh ok. but why is his “mask” green and the rest of him is grey?

yes yes bring back mixels we need more mixels

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i second, third, and fourth this post.

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Because, I haven’t drawn his armor on him yet. :sweat_smile:

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understandable have a nice day

Since I’m still struggling with designing the hypothetical sets, and fleshing out the lore + world of my project, so I can only show a few title-logo variations I’ve made during working on those:

Which one you like the most?


The first logo it works.


That second logo is better, IMO

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GAh! I can’t choose between them, they’re both good.


It’s been a while since I posted anything new here, so I’d like to take the chance and give you some updates regarding the current state of my work:

A.) I’d recently decided to rewrite my story from the ground up because
it ended up being a rehash of sort of G1’s lore despite all of my attempts to avoid that.

B.) To prevent any possible legal issues regarding the use of these characters, I concluded to exclude Papu and Rangi from the story.
However, I will use their traits as foundations for two original characters who will fill in the same roles in the lore.

C.) Certain character faction’s names may change, like the Matoran/Tohunga, but it’s still in question.

D.) Since it was one of the most defining aspects of G1 back in the day, there will be another core mystery subplot for this hypothetical G3.
I already have an idea for it, but I don’t want to spoil it as it’s very early in development.

That’s it so far.

At the moment, I can only show you a few other Title-logo designs as I have yet to make more art:

Hopefully, I will be able to share more with you in the future.

Cheers! :v:


Concept of divine personifications of heaven and earth is found in many cultures. I think simplest solution would be to use names of Anu and Ki, Sumerian primordial deities of Heaven and Earth respectively.

  1. Names Anu and Ki fit really well into BIONICLE, unlike say Ouranos and Gaia
  2. Sumerian culture is long dead. From what I could find, last vestiges of Anu’s cult were gone by end of 1st and beginning of 2nd Century CE, so you do not have to worry about offending someone.

About the name Matoran, I always thought the name was derived from Mata Nui. Since Mata Nui does not exist here (at least I think he does not), the name should probably be replaced if I am even correct. Are you looking for name suggestions for Matoran?


Thank you for the suggestions! :+1:

The names of the Sumerian deities you mentioned above fit nicely into the other names of Bionicle indeed.
I will consider using them!
As for your question regarding the existence of Matanui in my story and Matoran as a name of people:

A.) No, Mata Nui does not exist in my story & I don’t plan to bring him back in any form.

B.) Yes, I’m open to all suggestions for an alternative name for the Matoran.

I originally wanted to rename them “Tamori” (Tah-Moh-Ree), but when I looked it up, it turned out to be a Hindu male name.
Ever since that, I tried to find another name for the locals, but I couldn’t make any.

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Thanks for liking the suggestions! If you do decide to use names Anu and Ki, is it okay if I use names Anu and Ki for (entirely separate) characters in a future setting of mine? If you want, I can describe these characters to you.

I looked up Tamori out of curiosity, and found an interesting thing you did not mention. Tamori is Hindu male name as you mentioned. It is also stage name of one of most popular Japanese comedians, which makes it even worse.

I have five suggestions for the replacement name I made for you. If you want for me to make more names, tell me. I used Wiktionary to find words to derive the name ideas on and I based the meanings on the story in the first post about the heavenly beings uplifting the people. Approximate meaning is described in brackets next to the word, while source/etymology is described below the word.

  1. Aokaru (Metal Flesh)
    From Aos, reconstructed proto-Italic form of Latin Aes(both words meaning bronze or copper) + Caro, Latin word for flesh.
    I think this one sounds most BIONICLE-like out of these.

  2. Biosideru (Living Iron)
    From Bios, ancient Greek for life + Sideros, ancient Greek for iron. Also the prefix bio- calls back to the name BIONICLE.
    I am not sure about this one.

  3. Matumi-Antuki (Gifted with Wisdom)(Likely often shortened to Matumi for brevity)
    From Maithms, Gothic for gift + Handugei, Gothic for wisdom
    Matumi also sounds similiar to the name Matoran.
    Gothic is oldest directly attested Germanic tongue. Extinct for more than thousand years, and left no descendants, unlike Latin and Ancient Greek.

  4. Isaruna (Secret of Iron)
    From Isarnom/Isarna reconstructed Proto-Celtic/Proto-Germanic for iron + Runa/Runo reconstructed Proto-Celtic/Proto-Germanic for secret
    It is interesting that both words are so similar in both languages. This is in this case caused by both words being likely borrowed from Proto-Celtic to Proto-Germanic.

  5. Luakku (Man Made Into Metal)(Man Made Pure)(Possibly spelled Lu-Akku)
    I am saving one that I made first and that took me most effort for the last. I am happy with how it turned out. Lu + Ak + Ku(g) is (supposed to be) Sumerian for Man + Made-into + Metal.
    This was really hard to compose, I spent a hour and half on it, but I am quite pleased that I managed to have the oldest written language on this list. I wanted to also do Ancient Egyptian, but I was too tired for that.
    Ku(g) also has a second meaning that is somehow equally fitting to the story, sacred/holy and/or pure. I used singular Lu, because Luluakku sounds plain silly. I forgot to say these things because I was tired.