Dreamkeepers: Void

so here’s another character from the web comic Dreamkeepers, here is Void the dark lord of the dream realm, he’s a giant entity. I don’t know much about him but one of my college friends suggested that i build him.

i still have to make a stand for him

i hope you liked it and please no mean or harsh comments


Nice, it looks like what it’s supposed to be, I can’t complain about anything


Looks really cool. Luv it

I’m legitimately disturbed by this.
Good job.

This creature looks like he’s from the deepest depths of hell. It looks like you were trying to make something like that, so good job.

I really like the look of this thing, very creepy and alien.

This thing looks creepy.

This looks beautifully done, but it would certainly help to build a stand for it. Otherwise it’s great.

Nopenopenopenopenope nightmare creatures return

“Hello darkness, my old friend”


looks really nice and creepy, but I feel the arms could use a tiny bit more girth

but if you read Dreamkeepers Void has skinny arms

This looks great! I’m a big fan of it’s eerie look.

Eerie, other worldy, menacing. Pretty cool moc

I like it! Hands are my favorite.

He kinda looks like a fetus, which makes it all the more errie. Gg

Man that looks great