DreamWorks TrollHunters

It is a netflix original series from guillermo del toro about the journey of a boy who gains a great honor in troll culture or something. I would say its a pretty alright show im not finished yet but its pretty good so far
(Trailer) https://youtu.be/J2oNgZlbSKI


I got excited because i thought you were talking about this Troll Hunter, which is a great movie BTW


Doesn’t look too bad.

wait, didn’t dreakwork already make a troll movie?
i’ll be surprise if they connect the 2 worlds

I watched the first episode and didn’t like it that much. The animation was okay I guess, but a lot of the story feels so copy paste. I feel like I’be seen so many of the tropes before, like “guy acting like an idiot in front of his crush” “Kid lives with his mom because his dad died/disappeared/ran off” “Moan protagonist has loser friend” “Kid protagonist does poorly in school” and “Kid tries to stand up to bullies but gets into even more trouble” It feels pretty unoriginal.


I just got finished with what they are calling part one (season one) and i found alot of enjoyment in the show i do believe my favorite part is definitely the second half of the season maby the the last third of the show. And i very much enjoyed strickler and angor rot by far my favorite characters. I am very happy that i sat down and watched it but as a show it definitely isnt for everyone but i would recommend it

found this

So season 2 is out. Anyone wanna talk about it?

I watched the entire Tales of Arcadia series (Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards) and I absolutely love it. One of the best series of animated TV shows I’ve seen in a while. Guillermo Del Toro is an incredibly talented and creative person, and his work on this series really shows that. Great characters, incredible worldbuilding, and amazing creature designs. The story isn’t exactly the most original one, but the likable characters and fun world more than make up for it in my opinion. I can’t wait to see what they do next with this exciting world of Trolls, Aliens, and Wizards.
I would highly encourage anyone to watch it. You may not be hooked right from the first episode, but trust me, the more you watch it, the more you are going to grow to like it.

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I don’t know. I’ve kept up with the whole show series, and I haven’t really been impressed since the original Troll Hunters ended. 3Below season 2 was alright, though. Wizards was very disappointing, since I think it had/has great potential. I’ll see it through to the end, though.

Best character is Angor Rot, though. I hope the final villain ends up being half as interesting. Nothing against Strickler, he just reminded me a bit too much of Garmadon.


In my opinion, the disapppinting thing about Wizards was its very short lenght compared to Trollhunters and 3Below. I really feel like it needed a bit more time to develop. Other than that though, I enjoyed all three parts of the series and can’t wait to see what they do next.
My favorite villain so far is probably Morgana. I really liked her character ark and her relationship with Clarie. Her character was probably the highlight of Wizards IMO.

Wait, is Wizards not getting a season 2? I assumed its second or third season would wrap up the saga.

Apprently Wizards was just a limited series special… It will not get a season 2 as far as I am aware. From what I know, the franchise will continue with a different show called “Rise of the Titans” or something like that.

Wow, actually I just looked it up, and it seems that it’s planned to be a full-length theatrical film. On the one hand, I’m hyped, but on the other, I worry that it’ll be a super rushed ending, with how much they’ll have to cram into 2-hours.

(Source: https://tvweb.com/trollhunters-rise-of-the-titans-netflix-2021/#:~:text=Trollhunters%3A%20Rise%20of%20the%20Titans%20will,globally%20on%20Netflix%20in%202021.&text=Arcadia%20may%20look%20like%20an,including%20trolls%2C%20aliens%20and%20wizards.)


It’s actually going to be a Netflix exclusive, so it won’t be theatrical.

That might be explained by the fact that Trollhunters is written by the Hagemen Brothers, the same guys who wrote most of the early Ninjago seasons.

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