Driver of Shadows

The Darkness arrives, driving the light before it

number 2 of a series of MOCs I’ll be posting the next few days.

The first is here:


I like your use of the shin guards on the upper arms. I’m also in love with that whip build, simple as it is.

However, the G1 and CCBS parts, while well distributed, don’t feel like they balance each other super well. Having everything be black really doesn’t help matter.

Perhaps most important, this MOC uses a conventional super-hero-style Inika torso, which is very far removed from stereotypical female proportions.


Everything black was the goal.

It’ll make more sense when the final MOC Zenith of Shadows is out, but it’s supposed to get more unrealistic and incorporeal as it goes along. So yeah, that was kinda the goal

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Very nice! The whip is probably my favorite part!

Thanks! It’s mine too!

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Okay. Then you need to be very careful with photography. Play around with lighting and camera settings. LEGO’s black is notoriously hard to photograph because if it’s shininess and it’s propensity for swallowing up shadows.

Ah. In that case, I’d recommend pushing the incorporeal elements further. Try getting really non-human with extra limbs, funky proportions, that sorta thing.

Yeah… I’m also taking these photos on a Samsung S5 camera, so it’s not the best camera out there, though I should be getting an S8 soon, so that’ll help.

That was exactly my thought. I was thinking something along the lines of a black version of the Archon from XCOM 2, but with longer proportions.

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Kinda messy, maybe check out some of my ccbs meets g1 mocs? The torso also looks really weird, and not in a good way

Love the whip! and all the black gives it indeed a shadow look.

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